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What our clients say

S. Tang, 35 - Lawyer (Trainer : Edward)
Fat loss and Muscle Toning Program after Pregnancy
Iíve been doing personal training with Edward since moving back from the U.S. in 2010. As a working mom with unpredictable working hours and frequent travel, Edward has been fantastic in helping me lose the stubborn baby weight and get me into better shape than I was in before having my son. The sessions are very effective and the facilities at Edge of Fitness are great Ė new, clean and cutting edge, and the cable/body weight exercises are great for toning without bulkiness. I like that it is private (I donít want to run into my colleagues while working out) and easily accessible from Raffles Place. I feel much better about my appearance and have recommended friends to Edge of Fitness as well.
In short, I would highly recommend Edward and Edge of Fitness.

Tan Sok Miang, 57 - Architect (Trainer : Edward)
Injury Rehabilitation Exercise Program
Started Training in May 2012, to strengthen body after injury to wrists.Training has improved muscle mass; slightly more toned and feel relaxed.
Edward is able to teach different exercises using various equipment and techniques. Taking into consideration my habit and weakness. The teaching method is effective and diversified enough to make each session interesting.
Proper warm-ups and cool downs. Safety instructions and the ability to explain clearly the reasons for each training. Would highly recommend Edward to others who need a professional trainer as he is knowledgeable, encouraging, industrious and concerns on my wellbeing.

Sandy Tan, 30 (Trainer : Edward)
Pre- Wedding Photoshoot Preparation for Fat Loss and Muscle Toning
I was desperately trying to look for ways to get into shape and to lose the extras before my wedding photo shoots in March 2013. I stumbled upon Edge of Fitness, Edward last May (2012) and have never regretted the decision to sign on the personal training since then! The initial training period was tough with years of stubborn fats which canít be shaved with whatever method I used. Ex-colleagues/friends were commenting that I had gained so much weight since I last met up. It was most disheartening.
Edward has been most patient and within just a 6 months training regime, it was a transformation, I had never felt healthier and lighter. I lost more than 5kg with a better toned body and tremendous stamina. The journey wasnít easy and it was with Edwardís encouragement that the training was bearable. He was always willing to share his knowledge in general fitness and was more a friend than an instructor.
The simple equipment used by Edward during the training regime was effective and the gym was always kept in a pristine condition! His gym is actually neater than my home :) Discipline is essential for the success of having a better physique but having a good instructor is the key!

Cheng Ho, 32 - Project Manager (Trainer : Edward)
Pre- Wedding Photoshoot Preparation for Muscle Toning and Bulking up
I started my training with Edward on 1st May 2012 together with my girlfriend with a goal of looking better for our pre-wedding photo shoot in March 2013. Edward is a knowledgeable and passionate trainer who is always willing to take the extra mile to assist me in achieving my goal. His training is never boring to me because he plans and customizes every workout session such that the exercises inside each session are different and can "torture" and make my body work harder.
I remembered on one occasion, two days after my training session he called me in the late evening and asked if I had enough meals for these few days. I answered with a "yes" and then he asked how many meals I've taken for the day? I said, "erm... three". "WHAT! 3 meals only? he questioned. And continued saying that if I wanted to bulk up, I definitely need to eat more and if I don't want to eat more then don't waste the time and energy coming for the training. From this incident, I know he is sincere in helping me achieving my fitness goal
Chinese got a saying "small as a sparrow but has all the vital organs". I guess this can be used to describe the gym, which is small in comparison to the big chains. I must admit that I was a little skeptical when I first see the only few equipment in the gym. But now I definitely believe those are all a good trainer like Edward needs as my result shows. The gym also offers a sense of privacy and personal (where the big chains are lack of) which I personally think is very important to me. This enable me to better concentrate on my workout.
I must say the journey was not easy but all the hard work and effort definitely pays off. I have bulk up by 7kg, feeling stronger and with a better posture. Thanks Edward!

Daniel Loke, 33 - Accountant (Trainer : Shaun)
Muscle Strengthening and Bulk Up Program
I have been training on my own for 3 years and consider myself to be self-motivated. Although I was able to see some results, I was unable to break through my pleateau, until I found Shaun.
Shaun's training is tailored to my training needs and capabilities, and the exercises are specially designed to push my body to its limits. The exercises are tough; anyway it has to be to push the body to the next level. Shaun's friendly nature has never failed to ensure that the training is an enjoyable one, and he is always ready to share his knowledge and advice in fitness. His words of encouragement during training also further creates a hearty atmosphere for training.
I would not hesitate to recommend Shaun to anyone who desires and is serious about attaining your fitness goals.

Su-Yin, 44 (Trainer : Shaun)
Muscle Toning and Fat Loss Program due to Sedentry Lifestyle
I started personal training around 1/2 year back when I was 44 y.o mainly due to my less than optimal physical state of play. The tell tale signs are as follows:
(1) My clothes were getting tighter, and they no longer flatters as they once did
(2) It follows, I noticed I have become rounder and pudgier, and finally one rare check with the weighing scale shocked me into reality!
(3) The scale told me that I have been steadily gaining weight over the last 2 years, at the rate of 2 kg p.a. For a small person of 5ft and a bit stature, that's a lot of weight gain! I breached the psychological threshold of 50kg!
(4) I felt lethargic most of the time; and
(5) I constantly suffered from backache and weak ankles
(6) I have little stamina, climbing a bit of stair case left me breathless

-The Trigger to improve my state of health
My sister recommended me to try Personal Training with her trainer of many years Shaun. I noticed my sister who's 4 years my senior is stronger and more energetic than I am. She has also visibly trimmed over the past few years and looks good, and people sometimes wonder who's the elder sister when they met both of us!!
-The Training
Shaun is very knowledgeable and understanding of my objective He is also very disciplined and make sure I do all the exercises even though i protested loudly at some in my lazier moments In the earlier days- I felt utterly exhausted after 1 session - i couldn't move for at least 1 hour right after. But I also felt a great sense of achievement-- at least i committed to the last hour doing specifically targeted physical activities -- eg trim the upper arm exercise, build up the core muscle, with a common goal of getting back in shape, both physically and psychologically
-Outcome so far
I am trimmer even though I still eat as normal (I don't eat like a rabbit, on contrary I like rich and happy food) I like the training as the appointments ground me, make me committed -- if i were to go to gym on my own, I would normally give myself some excuse which ended up with many misses to the gym.

With a PT like Shaun, at least the commitment to train is there (can't come out so easily) and importantly, I see results I now feel stronger and more energetic. I would highly recommend anybody looking to take charge of their physical health once again to try Personal Training with Shaun.

Su-Ling, 49 (Trainer : Shaun)
Muscle Toning, Fat Loss, General Health and Fitness Program
I started training because i found myself experiencing the horrors of middle age spread. I was doing Yoga faithfully and thought that Yoga was enough. But obviously it wasn't effective in keeping the kilos off.
That was when i thought i needed to hit the gym. Because i needed guidance on the use of the gym equipment i started personal training lessons. The sessions turned out to be invaluable. Not only was i guided on the correct way to handle weights and other gym equipment, i was following a strict training programme which slowly began to sculpt my body. Lumpy flesh melted away and i began to look more toned.
The best thing about the training was that i also learnt some martial arts. I look forward to the last session of kick boxing after the gruelling exercises. Not only do i find the kick boxing session a stress buster, but it also gives a good work out. But i guesss the best thing about the personal training is that it makes exercise fun and also there is no putting it off till tomorrow cos of the appointments set. A date that one cannot break!

Loh Yin Onn, 18 - NSF (Trainer : Edward)
Basic Military Training Preparation and Muscle Bulk Up Program
The equipments at Edge of Fitness are well-maintained and are adequate to ensure a good workout. The Gym has excellent cleaniness and boasts of an outdoor swimming pool to cool off after a gym session. Edge of Fitness is easily accessible by public transport such as Clarke Quay MRT station. Being a private gym, you can finally concentrate during every session without distraction to reap full results.
I have been training under Edward since January this year in preparation for BMT. My strength and stamina have increased significantly in addition to attaining a better physique. I remember joking with Edward that he has not been training his legs for a long time and would like to challenge him at standing broad jump. To my surpirse, he beat me hands down. He might not look like he does "Leg Day", but he sure has a high standard at overall fitness to qualify him as a personal trainer. Edward is an experienced, friendly and knowledgeable trainer who makes every pt session an enjoyable one.
Place your full trust in him and do as he says and you will definitely see results! On top of that, he is a committed trainer to attaining your goal, so i would recommend him to anyone who would like to see results!

Peggy Koh, 58 - (Trainer : Edward)
Exercise Program to Maintain General Fitness Level
I have been training with Edward since late 2010.
From my observation these few years, he stands our from the rest of trainers that i have trained with before, was his absolute dedication to his job. He has always been committed with honesty and integrity to every one of his numerous clients. Also, he is very knowledgeable and experienced.
What i like about him is his professionalism. He shows commitment in his training - plan every training session. I trained with him twice a week and enjoyed it as the exercises are different most of the time. He make each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun. He also places a high value on corect form for each exercise. I also love his warm-up exercises and his stretching after the whole workout.
He has been a great help in my daily routine - constant motivation and encouragement. He has also boost up my confidence and energy level. My balance and flexibility have improved tremendously. And whenever there is a pain that is bothering me, Edward has never failed to help me relief the pain from my muscles.
If you are serious about changing your lifestyle for the better - Edward will be the one that leads you every step of the way.

Tiang Pek Yin, 58 - (Trainer : Edward)
Exercise Program to Releif Backache and Frequent Pains from Prolonged Sitting in Office
I am satisfied with the faclities, cleanliness and accessibility of Edge of Fitness.
Edward, my personal trainer is very knowledgeable and professional. I started my sessions with him for 6 months. Because of his workout and program for me, I felt stronger and the frequent pains and backaches are much relieved.
I will continue with the sessions and I highly recommend Edward to those who wants to treat thier body aches and pains. Very good to lost weight too.

Evan Choe, 29 - Student Development Officer (Trainer : Shaun)
Fat Loss, Muscle Strengthening and Toning Program
My first impression was that the gym looks very cozy and comfortable, without too many equipment and loud music blasting. I immediately felt comfortable when I stepped into the gym the first time. I like the fact that there is an internal toilet for use, towels provided both for workouts as well as shower after workouts. I can see that the equipment are all new and well maintained, and that the gym is tidy and clean. I think it feels better now after the flooring has been re-done with the carpet or sponge flooring. The Olympic size pool just in front of the gym makes it even better! I can go for a short swim after my workouts to cool off and my fiance could go for a swim while I did my workouts. The gym is centrally located and rain or shine, there is no issue in getting there from Central as it's sheltered all the way.

I sent in an inquiry sometime in Oct 2012. I had been wanting to lose weight and build up my body for the longest time but never really got down to doing it. I also injured my ankle pretty badly in 2012, and coincidentally went for a full body check up. From the results, I saw that I had high percentage of body fats and was overweight! (Not that I didnt know I was overweight actually) Thus I decided I had to act upon it. I started the training in Nov 2012 and have been going for the sessions as regularly as I can when my schedule allows me and to date, I have lost about 7kgs, from 82kg to 75kg. My body fat percentage has also dropped.
I feel healthier, fitter and stronger. Of cuz, other than the training sessions, I also watch what I eat. This with the advice of Shaun as well. Shaun was able to customize the training sessions to fit me. I remember vividly the first 2 sessions I had with him. I could hardly complete the whole session as I was so unfit and overweight. I was probably half way through and I felt light headed, nausea and weak. Shaun was able to alter the session and in the next few sessions, he was helped me build up my fitness. He is very patient, encouraging and is able to motivate me to go further during the sessions. He is also very approachable and easy to talk to.
I will definitely recommend anyone who wants a personalized training session to approach Shaun and I'm sure you'll see the results you want! (Of course, you must be disciplined in your food intake as well)

Goh Joo Lian, 56 - Telecarer (Trainer : Edward)
I started training at Edge of Fitness last year in 2012 because of my bilateral OA Knees My left leg become bow and deformed as the result of my arthritis. I have little exercise tolerance, I am unable to stand nor walk long distance. I feel the strain and exert ion when I walked. As the result of my quads training, I can walk a bit further and my legs is more stable , unlike previously there are weakness of legs. I am able to climb stairs without pain and able to balance better.My quads took off the pressure on the knees which are badly worn off. It also delay my knee replacement.
My trainer ,Edward is a Zealous, capable,dedicated,patience,reliable and compassionate young man who is willing to go extra mile to help his trainee. He will modify the exercise to suit to individual needs. He is very cautious about safety and make sure that the exercise will not incur any further sport injury.He is careful that his trainee will not over strain their muscle during the training process.He is a very flexible person who dedicated his time to his job thus neglecting his own personal life.He is always full of ideas and plan strategy for his trainees.
He will always analyse his trainee weakness and strength and plan strategy to benefit the trainee.He is also a strict instructor who make sure that trainee is punctual and adherence to their training. He will not tolerate any trainee absent without good reason.He will sternly chide the trainee if they make repeated mistake.
He is a strict trainer who make sure that you must make progress after his training. He is very peculiar with his trainee attendance, making sure they turn up for training and motivating them to continue to keep themselves fit. His exercises is full of surprises and not monotonous, always thinking out of the box. I always get lecture from him for walking too fast and causing my knee to jerk and incur more injury. He will keep reminding and emphatizing to me of the harm.
I will highly recommend my trainer because he is a good reliable instructor .

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